Aromatherapy Massage, Counselling and Tarot Reading in Leicester

Therapies Offered #01

Aromatherapy and Traditional Thai massage

Aromatherapy is the use of natural essential oils to help problems such as stress, anxiety and pain. They are applied using relaxing massage techniques to improve circulation, help relieve muscle tension and create a feeling of wellbeing. Dr. Charlotte also makes individualised lotions and creams to apply at home and can recommend aromatherapy oils for home use.

Therapies Offered #02

Swiss or Thai Reflexology

Reflexology works on the basis that your feet are like a map of your whole body. It is therefore possible to help certain conditions such as hormonal issues, pain and stress using this method. It is also deeply relaxing.

Therapies Offered #03


Reiki is an eastern technique, which uses the natural energy in the body to help it heal itself. You relax on a massage couch while the practitioner gently lays her hands along traditional lines on the body. It is useful for deep relaxation, the improving of emotional issues and some physical disorders, or just for a bit of 'time-out'.

Therapies Offered #04

Body Spin (Life Alignment)

Bodyspin is an energy technique and is part of a larger system called Life Alignment. It works on the basis that many traumas can be held within the body and that many physical problems have a psychological or even spiritual element. Bodyspin can help unlock energy blockages to release these traumas in a safe and respectful way, without needing to go into any painful past experiences. People often feel much lighter afterwards and can continue to notice positive changes for quite some time.

Therapies Offered #05

Tarot card reading

Tarot card reading is practiced in different ways by different people. Charlotte's method, as taught by her Grandma and later modified, is to use the cards to shed light on a current situation, the factors in the past that led to it's development and guidance on how to move forward. She also provides teaching in small groups or on a 1:1 basis to learn how to use the cards for yourself. This includes guidance and practice for those familiar with the cards or starting off as a complete beginner.

Therapies Offered #06


Charlotte also offers counselling for those who would prefer to talk. She uses her background in psychiatry plus holistic tools such as reiki and tarot cards in order to help her clients understand their situation and move forward.

Therapies Offered #07

Shamanic Practice

Charlotte will explain and use shamanic techniques to help improve energy levels, confidence and mood. She will also help you gain confidence in the art of journeying for yourself.

Therapies Offered #08
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